Cinnamon Rose Actions and Presets bio picture
  • O Hai!

    We are Cindy & Lauren, two photographers that met on Flickr and became fast friends. We started trading our actions to try out on each other’s pictures and realized that they worked really well together. So we decided to sell them to other photographers, in hopes that they find them as useful as we do.

Zing Actions – Samples

Zing Photoshop Actions – $20 usd

Zing Presets – Samples

Zing ACR & Lightroom Presets – $10 usd

DC 1 ACR & Lightroom Presets – Samples

12 ACR/Lightroom Presets – $9.99 usd

DC 2 ACR & Lightroom Presets – Samples

12 ACR/Lightroom Presets – $9.99 usd


Cinnamon Rose Classic Collection
17 Photoshop Actions – $20 usd
20 ACR/Lightroom Presets – $10 usd
Classic Combo Pack (17 actions and 20 presets) – $30 usd
Buy Classic Actions & Presets

Cinnamon Rose *Ish Collection
12 Photoshop Actions  – $20 usd
24 Adobe ACR/Lightroom Presets – $10 usd
*Ish Combo Pack (12 actions and 24 presets) – $30 usd
Buy *Ish Actions & Presets

Cinnamon Rose Zing Collection
Zing Actions – $20 usd
Zing Presets – $10 usd
Zing Actions and Presets Combo – $30 usd
Buy Zing Actions & Presets

Greatest Hits Actions
13 Actions (11 greatest hits + 2 new) – $20 usd
Buy Greatest Hits Actions

The  Cinnamon Rose Collection
Classic/ *Ish / Zing Actions and Presets 56 Actions / 74 Presets – $75 usd
Buy All Cinnamon Rose Actions & Presets

Double Cap – DC 1 Presets
12 ACR/Lightroom Presets – $9.99 usd
Buy DC1 Presets

Double Cap – DC 2 Presets
12 ACR/Lightroom Presets – $9.99 usd
Buy DC2 Presets

Double Cap – DC1 and DC2  Preset Combo – $18.99 usd
Buy DC1 & DC2 Presets

We will send out the files within 48 hours, but probably sooner. All Sales Are Final

Adobe Lightroom Presets – Installation Instructions


Mac Users: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Develop Presets

Windows Vista: C:\Users\…username…\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets

  • Open up LR
  • Select the “Develop” drop-down menu and then select “New preset folder.”
  • Make sure you select the folder option because selecting the “New preset” option is another task unrelated to loading presets.
  • Name the new folder whatever you would like (Cinnamon Rose Presets)
  • Use the “Navigator menu” on the left side of the Lightroom screen and scroll down until you see the preset folder you just created.
  • Right-click on your new preset folder and select “Import.”
  • Go to the folder where your presets are saved using the pop-up menu and file navigator. Select the presets you want to load and click “Open.”
  • You can load multiple presets at once by pressing the “Ctrl” key down while clicking on each preset you want to load.

Adobe Camera RAW Presets – Installation Instructions

RAW Presets (.xmp files)

PC Users: C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator (your file)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings

Mac Users: your home/library/application support/adobe/camera raw/settings

Open ACR and they should appear under the last tab.

Photoshop Actions – Installation Instructions

Photoshop  Actions (.atn file)

PC Users: The file goes here:

C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop (CS3)/Presets/Photoshop Actions

Mac Users:  Put the file in your Photoshop actions folder.

Then load the action set in Photoshop (on the Action Palette at the top right is a tiny little arrow ~ click that and then choose "Load" ~ choose the file and then click okay. Voila!)